Dr. Kirmayer's office is in the next valley North of the valley in which I live. Before Dreyfus' cancer adventure, I had only been over to that valley on bike rides. The mountain crossing is rather difficult on a bike, so I don't get too much time to enjoy the views. But in an automobile, I can take the time to enjoy the splendid fall colors.

Dreyfus totally understands Vet Visit Protocol now. When we went in today, he hopped right up on the scale (he's almost back to his normal weight!), and he knew exactly which room to go to. He didn't even put up too much fuss when Dr. K put in his IV needle. Our next vet appointment isn't for two weeks, because the medicine Dreyfus got today is "nasty" (I didn't ask for details on what makes it so nasty :-)) and needs time to do its magic.