I talked to someone last year who said they didn't want a dog because they didn't want to "have to walk it all the time."

I don't get that. At all. I don't view walking Dreyfus as something I have to do. I view it as something I get to do. I enjoy going on walks. I enjoy spending time with Dreyfus. Walking with Dreyfus is chocolate and peanut butter: 1+1=3.

Today's pictures are from our PM walk. The moody clouds, setting sun, and fall foliage, combined with the excellent company of Dreyfus... did a great job of helping me decompress from a few days of stressful work.

Both photos are somewhat "lies." The top picture is panaroma made from four individual photos. The bottom picture is an experiment in using photo editing software to remove unwanted artifacts (e.g. a leash, which I assure you Dreyfus was wearing :-))