Dreyfus and I drove down to Reston, VA today to meet Dreyfus' Auntie Beth and his Granpa/Stepgrandma. Reston is approximately the half-way point between Central PA and Auntie Beth's new home town of Richmond, VA. We met up at Reston Town Center, which gave us a chance to introduce Dreyfus to one of the finer points of "Men and Women Meeting for Lunch": The old "Women go shopping while the men wait, bored out of their minds" act.

Here we see Dreyfus laying down in front of his Grandpa, with me off to his left (I'm sitting on the curb). The Women had been shopping in the store in the background, and Dreyfus was clearly bored. I think he was trying to tell me "Hey, isn't this Eddie Bauer? Don't they have five or six of these in every town in the US? What the hell is keeping those crazy women?!?"

After a nice lunch/shopping break, Dreyfus' Grandparents headed back to PA, while Dreyfus and I continue down to Richmod to spend the weekend with Auntie Beth and her roomate's dog Winnie [no comment on Winnie, as I want to keep this journal clean. Let's just say Winnie could use some obedience training!]

Apologies for no uploads the last two days... I have a few pictures queued up, but didn't get time to upload anything.