Cesar Millan, a.k.a The Dog Whisperer, often talks about how dogs pick up the energy from the animals around them. I don't doubt this for a second. Pictured above is Dreyfus, clearly reading some strange energy from me.

I had a work conflict with Dreyfus' normal every-other-Monday-morning Vet visit, so I rescheduled for this evening. I was already stressed about work, then Dr. Kirmayer discovered a new lump on Dreyfus' Lymph Nodes :-(. Dr. Kirmayer didn't like what he was feeling. Apparently Dreyfus is now presenting "the normal way." His previous presentation was purely internal, which isn't the normal way Lymphoma presents. The lump is fairly big, and right on his jaw (a favorite scratch location), so I think the lump must be quite new. I would have noticed it earlier if it weren't. Dr. Kirmayer said he wants to see Dre in another week. He said, "either the lump will go down, or we'll have to change the course of treatment."

When Dreyfus first got sick, I told myself that I would do what his Vets tell me to do, and try not to dwell on the future. Doing what the Vets tell me to do has been easy (and Dreyfus has some really damn good veterinary care in Dr. Kirmayer!!!) But the whole "try not to dwell on the future" part hasn't been easy.

The nice thing about all of this is that Dreyfus is... well... clueless. He's not thinking "Oh no! A lump! What if my cancer is back with a vengence?!" He's currently on the other side of my living room, licking the floor, and probably thinking "I had a cheesybone at this very spot last week. I'm sure that if I lick hard enough, I will extract more cheesy goodness!"

I love my dog.