For all codes, a "+" implies goodness/positive quality, and a "-" means badness/negative quality. For example, 12+ is "Had a good workout", and "-12" is "I'm not working out today".

  1. CMVC
  2. AIDS
  3. $/Stocks
  4. People
  5. Mark's Car
  6. Our work hours (now more generic)
    6.1 Our default work hours (e.g. "6.1 = Mark is rarely in before 10:00am")
    6.2 The latest developments (e.g. "+6.2pbc = got a good pbc evaluation")
    6.3 Software Engineers, unlike pure Consultants, are ill-suited for the "You must bill every hour to category X" system.
    6.4 Gerrit is firmly in "The morning is the best time to do stuff" mode. Mark... is not.
  7. Lunch
    7.1 Kevin is in a meeting, so he's gonna be a lameass and eat in his office
    7.2 Mark is dining with Jen instead of his pal Kevin.
    7.3 Subway @ 11:00AM?
  8. C++ sucks/Java Rules
  9. Balls needed
    9.1 (removed... it was an illusion. 9.1 was really just 9)
    9.2 Kevin are Marla are going to keep their eyes open
  10. Work Sucks. X is better than work.
  11. The Sleepies
  12. Working out
    c12 Drinking caffeine before working out
    12pp Eating protein powder after working out
    12+ Had a good workout
    (variations can be made up at will, and can be arbitrarily complex)
  13. (unknown)
  14. (unknown)
  15. (unknown)
  16. Andrew is about to say something really stupid so Mark
    can start a conversation with a woman in the gym. As in:
       Andrew:  "Hey Mark, did that supermodel doctor you were dating
                ever get over it when you broke off the relationship?
                I'm surprised she wasn't willing to make a commitment
                the way you are."
    17.1 Seriously, do you HAVE to answer your cell phone in the bathroom?
  18. Originally was "Mark stressing about his hike", now is "Mark stressing about [whatever he is stressing about this week]".
  19. "I'm picking up what you're puttin' down"
  20. Grammar/Typos/"English is a stupid language"
  21. Candy bars
  22. Mark is a big geek
  23. 50's lingo
  24. Jail does not sound like a fun time. It will be avoided at all cost.
  25. JINX!!!
  26. Mark wants X, but really should not buy one (eg "26 Full Suspension Mountainbike" or "26 Digital Videocamera")
  27. The Middle East is, has been, and probably always will be, a giant shithole.
    27.1 ...and so is most of the African continent
    27.2 U.S.A. vs. the rest of the world
  28. Customer service (eg "-28KMart = KMart has horrible customer service")
  29. Relationships
    29.1 "Dating" sucks.
    29.2 They are work, and Mark is lazy. Therefore, they are tough for Mark.
    29.3 Honesty is always the best policy. Not being honest is weak and mean.
  30. Diet
  31. Biking in bad weather
    31.1 Most of the cost of a bike is sunk at purchase time... per-ride costs are negligable
    31.2 The per-ride costs in wear-tear are on the order of $0.50, worst case.
    31.3 Anyone who thinks $0.50 is too expensive for the fun of a one hour ride is someone who needs to reevaluate the manner in which they spend $.
  32. Getting away from it all
    32.1 It has been a while, and a trip is needed
    32.2 Campfires are awesome
    32.3 "Someday, if I ever get the time, I'm gonna [whatever]"
  33. Gay Adoption
    33.1 The human reproductive system is designed to facilitate male/female child production / rearing. Don't mess with hundres of thousands of years of evelutionary progress
    33.2 Mark, you are a homophobic idiot... it's about the kids, dammit, not your stupid morals
  34. There? Busy? Up for some Sudoku action?
  35. Yo! RBohn! I'm seeing a 100 line stack trace. Can you tell me what it really means?