2005 Triangle Triathlon

Prerace: My sleep schedule was a bit odd in the week or two before the race. I had been getting up at 2:00AM, so for once I had absolutely ZERO problems getting to the race on time :-). In fact, I was the very first person to rack my bike. I had plenty of time to warm up, but the crowds unnerved me for some reason. At one point I had to go for a short jog down one of the hiking trails, simply to get away from the crowd.

Swim: I got knocked around a bit during the swim. I think I was swimming straight, but nobody around me was. Rather than speed up to get past the slower/curvier swimmers, I slowed down. But this only resulting in an even bigger pummeling. As an added benefit, I couldn't find a draft the entire swim. I am definitely capable of swimming better than I did during this race. Time: 15:15. 52/84 AG. 322/584 OA.

T1: T1 was smooth, orderly, and fast. 1:08. 16/84 AG.

Bike: I did about as well as I hoped on the bike, but unlike the White Lake Sprint earlier this year, I got passed quite a bit. There are some freakishly strong cyclists out there! I averaged something over 20mph, close to 21mph I think. Not too bad for a course that was hillier than I expected. I misjudged the distance, holding back a little bit for a final climb that never came. And my last mile was WAY slow, as I was stuck behind traffic. These problems cost me perhaps a minute, but overall I can't complain. Time: 40:28. 34/84 AG. 163/584 OA.

T2: T2 was also smooth and fast. I skipped socks this time, something I never even practiced. Stupid move, probably, but I wanted to give it a try. I must be living right, because I had no blisters :-). Time: 1:14. 17/84 AG.

Run: The run, as expected, sucked. I was holding my own for the first mile or so, but then my stomach got crampy. My HR was totally maxed out, but I simply wasn't moving. The last two miles of the run were at a HR of "(I'm gonna puke) - 5". Time: 23:55. 55/84 AG. 287/584 OA.

Total time was 1:21:37. 37/84 AG, 201/584 OA. I know I can do better. I think I can get my time down to 1:17:00 at this race, which would put me in the top 25% of my age group, and well into the top 25% overall.

Everyone I knew who did the race did really well. Diane from swim class won her age group by something like two minutes (in a time of 1:17:??... holy crap she's fast!) Suzanne was at the exact cutoff for the top 1/3rd of her age group (15/45), and some of Suzanne's TnT friends took wins in their age groups. Woohoo! I know some fast people!

Finally, here is a goofy "feel good" stat: My time was one second slower than 3rd place (of 70) Novice Male, and 2:31 away from 2nd. My results clearly do not support the "but I'm still a beginner!" bullshit mental attitude that I've been carrying. I'm gonna start training like I'm a real triathlete now.