This race was only about 15 miles from my father's house, so I combined a pleasant visit with the family with some low-pressure race action. I hadn't been training much all summer, so I was going to approach this race as a hard training day.

Although I've done several races before, this race was my first triathlon with a pool swim. It was a serpentine... down and back in one lane, then switch lanes and continue. I was seeded 10th (of 150) because I guessed that I would take 4:30. I think I was out of the pool in 4:40 or so, but way ahead of the guy behind me. The guy in front of me caught the guy in front of him. My rankings for the swim were way higher than normal. I think the nature of this triathlon (very short swim, and in a pool instead of open water) attracted the bikers/runners who would otherwise not do triathlons.

Bike was uneventful. Caught two guys quickly out of T1, only got caught by one person. I stuck with the guy who passed me all the way into T2. My stomach wasn't 100% settled during the ride, so I eased up a bit to make sure I wouldn't explode on the run.

T2 was quick. Came out of T2 in front of the dude who passed me on the bike, and didn't surrender back to him until a mile or so down the road.

My run wasn't tooooo bad. At what I *thought* was the last turn, the volunteers told me it was "a few hundred yards." I could see the start/finish line from the turn, so I decided to kicked it up a notch and sprint to the finish. But just before I go to the start/finish line, a volunteer told me "one trip around the block and you're done!" I still had 0.5 miles or so to go! Ughh! I was in a world of hurt by the end. Nothing like a finish-line-kick that isn't at the finish! Still, my 7:35 pace was the fastest I've managed to hold for a 5K off the bike. And this is the first time I've ever been in the top half of the field on the run leg.

Given my total lack of training this summer (two swims, one run, and some cyclnig :-)), I can't complain.

Leg Time OA Rank AG Rank Pace
Swim: 0:05:30 17/85 3/26 ~1:33/100
T1: 0:00:51 20/85 3/26  
Bike: 0:43:41 27/85 7/26 19.5mph
T2: 0:00:30 16/85 7/26  
Run: 0:23:30 36/85 10/26 07:35/mile
Total: 1:14:02 24/85 7/26