2005-03-07 Mountainbrick

Mountainbrick. Did the west and south loops at Beaverdam (west loop to the intersection with south loop, then the south loop, then the rest of the west loop). Then I ran for 20 minutes on the inner loop. Felt really, really, really good today. I finally cleaned the rock garden section at the end of the south loop! It caught me by surprise (as it always does), but I powered through it just fine... mostly :-). I had to push myself off a tree at the end of the section. Faded a little bit at the end of the ride, and my legs took a few minutes to transition to running, but all of that is quite natural.

1:44 for the biking, average HR 134. 20 minutes of runnning, average HR 143. 2:04 total. Forgot my post-workout nutrition, so I hope I'm not totally wiped out tomorrow. I'm fussy about trying to get some carbs during the 40 minute window immediately following a workout.