2005-03-18 Bike Trainer

Bike Trainer. 45 minutes. 16.0mph average, including the warmup. Watched an episode of Angel during this workout, and had a towel over the cyclecomputer, so I don't know my intensity/HR/speed/etc. during the workout.

My right hip area is almost 100% again. I took the week off running to let it mend. I'm not sure if I did something specific during my last heavy run week, or if I have some kind of structural issue that I need to address. Doing Yoga/Pilates helps, but I'm not sure if it is as simple as lack of core strength or hip flexibility.

My diet has been a little bit better than normal lately. I'm eating for the right reasons (ie "fueling the better/faster/stronger/healthier Mark") instead of the wrong reasons (ie "got no dog/job/girl").