2005-03-20 Brick

Blew off last night's planned trainer ride after Kevin invited me to play poker, drink beer, and eat junkfood.

But I redeemed myself today. Did a nice Geobrick. Rode the Duke Half Ironman bike course, then ran for 10 minutes or so, then grabbed a geocache. Combine a good a bike ride with 70 degree weather, low humidity, and a geocache, and the result is one damn fine day in MarkWorld.

Did the first hour of the ride easy, then kicked up the pace a bit. I felt like I was going to have stomach cramps if I went harder, so I ended up doing the second hour at a still somewhat easy pace. Somewhere just short of mile 40, I starting feeling better, and I was able to get some food and liquids in. Then I started to hammer. Did the last hour at over 20mph. Final stats were: 3.0 miles of warmup/cooldown, 53.33 miles @ 17.2mph avg, 3:04:59. Unsure of run time... probably 10 minutes. No HRM during any of this, but I would guess is was very low for the first two hours on the bike, and 135ish for the last hour.

One other note: I set a new speed record on Debra. 45.3mph sprinting down a steep hill. I strongly suspect I can hit 50mph with a good effort. Wheeeee!