2005-04-01 BRBrick

112 miles on the bike, 20 mile run, then another 112 on the bike.

...or not :-). April fools.

I was planning on a 30 minute bike / 30 minute run (all indoors), but I felt good enough after the run that I tossed in another 15 minutes of bike. I spent a little bit too much time futzing around after the first bike session, so my legs had no problem transitioning to the run. I have to make sure I do a few hard finishes on bike ride, and transition immediately to the run.

I felt fairly strong on both the bike and run today, but I was HOT and lost a ton of water. I think I dropped three pounds even after consuming 24 ounces of water during the workout. Yikes! My HR was a bit higher than normal on my run, but I strongly suspect this was a simple matter of heat and mild dehydration.