2005-04-06 56mi Bike

Duke Half IM course again. I decided to go out a little bit harder than last time, just to see what happened. Strangely, my stomach had no problems at all. I had a Subway sub and a few diet pepsis before I started (peed clear twice before starting :-)). On the ride, I downed two large water bottles, each with 1 scoop of Gatorade and 1 scoop of CarboPro, and four ounces of Hammergel. I could have used more fluid and more food. My gel was gone by mile 40, and my fluids were gone by mile 50. When I finished, I downed another water bottle. And I was STILL three pounds "light" when I weighed myself at home. Yikes! Note to self: Don't go out with less than one ounce/mile of fluid.

In addition to all the fluid loss, I was "sweating salty" today. My helmet, face, and jersey were all caked in salt by the end of the ride. I don't normally lose much salt when I work out.

Of course, the reason for all the sweat could simply be that I went hard today. My HR was 146 avg. for the first two hours, and 156 for the rest of the ride. Average speed was 18.2mph on the 52.6 miles that I measured. Max speed 43.4mph... whee!!!

I need to do more rides like this.