2005-04-07 Swim

Swim. All back/breast. Warmup 100 back, 100 3-pull-and-roll. Main set 2x(100 back kick, 150 back pull, 200 back), 2x(150 breast kick, 100 breast pull (WEIRD!), 200 breast).

I snorted about a gallon of water during one of the early back sets. This left me in a pissy mood for the rest of the swim. I couldn't really focus on anything but my burning nose. The breast sets went quick, simply because I was pissed off and wanted to finish as soon as possible.

Sidebar: I expected to be wiped out from yesterday's ride. Instead, I feel fine. My legs feel almost fresh, even. Go figure. I did pop two advil before bed last night... could something that simple have done the trick? Hrmmm... I need to investigate this more.