2005-04-11 Bike Trainer

I didn't get a chance to ride outside today, so I decided to make tonight's trainer ride a hammerfest. After a warmup, and whipped out an hour at 18.1mph average. I had to do the last minute at 20+mph to get the average up from 18.0 :-). Last year, I did a workout that was 17.2mph for an hour, and I was absolutley thrilled. Woohoo!

My hip and butt are fine now, but my lower back is still tight. I hate the way injuries in this area tend to move around. When my hip hurts I favor the back of my legs instead of the front... so the butt or hamstrings hurt... which then makes my lower back tense. Argh! Gonna dedicate some time to hamstring/glute/hip flexor/lower back/piriformis streching later tonight.