2005-05-08 White Lake Sprint

Lucked out on this race. I ended up 13th of 43 in my age group... putting me in the fastest 1/3rd! I was only trying for the top half! Go me! The swim was slow but I had a great draft the entire time. The bike was awesome... I hammered the whole thing. I rarely saw my speedometer below 21mph. The run started quite strong, then I had a rough spell, then I gave it a good hard effort for the finish.

My final time was 1:22:26, exactly 21 SECONDS faster than last year. While this doesn't sound like much, the bike course was a little bit longer this time. The swim felt a bit long too, but I'll have to wait to see my splits before I know.

I'll post a full writeup of the race sometime after I get my split times. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this race. I was expecting far worse.