2005-05-24 Bike Trainer

I didn't log a few workouts from the past week. I've been hitting the weights, and doing some light spins on the bike. I went mountainbiking one day, but I forget when :-).

My training has been (by design) very unstructured. It will continue to be so until the start of next month, when I will start my prep for the Duke Half Ironman.

Tonight's workout was a 30 minute spin on the trainer (avg. speed 17.7 mph, which is nice... my "easy spin" workouts are faster than last year's HARD workouts!). 30 minutes of core/stretching after the trainer. My upper body is tweaked from bouldering yesterday. It appears that I have zero upper body/hand/finger strength :-). Oh well... something new for me to work on. Weight is upper 170's. Next month will be a weight-loss-focus month as I ramp up the training again.