Yesterday's Race

The split times are finally posted. What a bizarre race! To gain a single spot (going from 13th of 43 to 12th), I would have had to go two minutes, ten seconds faster. To lose a single spot, I would have had to go one minute, seven seconds slower.

I was 16th/43 swim, 13th/43 bike, 32nd/43 run... but 13th/43 overall. Strange that my final rank was the same as my BEST rank of the three disciplines. T1 was 8th fastest, but T2 was 25th, so I guess I didn't make up the time there.

Finally, my run was 24:20, 45 seconds FASTER than last year. But my age group run rank was LOWER (32/43 this year vs. 31/48 last year.) Odd.