2005-06-01 Treadmill Run

Fan-damn-tastic treadmill run. The numbers were nothing special (3.2 miles, all at 6.0mph, 1% grade, HR ~150), but I had some jammin tunes on the MP3 player. This time it was Fatboy Slim's You've Come a Long Way, Baby. The music really had me pumped up. I did an extended cooldown and a few sets of lat pulldowns just so I would have an excuse to listen to the entire album.

I'm starting a weight loss emphasis month. I'll probably end up feeling a tiny bit rundown, so I don't expect spectacular workout numbers over the next few weeks. As long as I can keep up the workout frequency and avoid injuries, I'll be happy. Once I lean out a bit (I'm shooting for 170 lbs.), I'll reset my goals to take me into the Duke Half in prime shape.

As an added bonus, my new health insurance plan rewards me for working out. If I keep working out like I have been, I'm going to totally clean up on the rewards program!