2005-06-08 Circuit Training

50 minutes of circuit training. Almost zero rest between sets of [leg extension or curl], [seated row or lat pulldown], [bench press or incline press], incline sittups. Doing weights without resting is tough when the lactic acid doesn't have time to fully flush between sets!

Good workout. My muscles are jelly now (three hours after the workout).

Earlier today, I did several sets of pullups. Two sets of 5 reps, one of 6. It looks like I might actually be able to achieve my LONG time goal of 10 pullups! I have put "Do 10 pullups... in one set" on my new year's eve resolutions 7 of the last 10 years. And I've never even come close to making the resolution come true. It's gonna happen in 2005, dammit.