2005-06-13 Treadmill Run

(I think I forgot to record a few workouts... it's a pain recording both here and on my insurance company's web site)

Nice treadmill run. Definitely seeing some improvements. 0.5% grade today. warmup, then one mile @ 6.0mph, one mile @ 6.5mph (HR 150), 0.5 miles @ 7.0mph (HR 160), then the rest at 6.0mph until the total run time (not counting warmup) was 35 minutes.

I felt really good on this run. I was focusing on form and high cadence, and my HR was relatively low for the speeds. I felt like I could have gone a lot faster/longer if I wanted.

Iced my right glute and both knees/shins/quads after.

Scale is saying 175 lbs, 13% bodyfat. I suspect I'll be > 170 lbs. when I hit 10% bodyfat. I'm focusing more on the body composition than the raw weight, but I would still like to see my weight at/below 170.