2005-06-19 Bike

Parts of the Duke Half IM course. I was bored with the normal route, so I went adventuring a bit. Went easy for 30 minutes, hard for an hour, then easy for an hour. The last hour was easy more because I was beat than because I wanted to go easy. 2:30something minutes, 45.something miles, 17.something mph.

I'm not sure why, but the past few times I've been on the bike, I've been really pissed off. Usually exercise makes me feel happy, but for some reason cycling is making me pissed. I get a bad thought in my head, and instead of working it out, I dwell on it until I realize that I've blown the entire ride on negativity.

I think I'm gonna head out to Asheville and finish the Blue Ridge Parkway sometime soon. I've been a bit bugged by the fact that I didn't finish it in 2004 (this was my negative thinking today, but I won't document the specifics here).