2005-06-20 Treadmill Run

Treadmill run. All @ 0.5% incline. 0.5 mile @ 3.0mph, 1.0 mile @ 6.0mph, 2.5 miles @ 7.0mph, 0.5 mph @ 6.0mph. Cooldown until HR 105. HR 160ish during 7.0mph stretch. Solid run. No complaints!

6.0mph felt really, really, really slow after the 2.5 miles @ 7.0mph. I gotta run faster. I've been a giant p-wimp about upping my run speeds, because I'm hyper-paranoid about injuries. While a healthy concern for injuries is fine... I wanna learn how to run faster.

Scale said 173.5 lbs after the run (and I had to pee, so I don't think I was overly dehydrated). This is definitely the lightest I've been since the end of my thruhike in late 2001. I should be close to my goal weight of 170 by the end of the month, but it looks like I'll miss my bodyfat goal of 10%. Oh well. I'm on the right track.