2005-06-23 Bike/Swim

Bike ride while trying to locate some geocaches early in the afternoon. I wouldn't call this a workout except I managed to get lost (surprise!) on my way home, and spent a good 30 minutes doing hill repeats in the middle of Urban-Phuqing-Sprawl America. I got caught in "lakeville", as I call it. There were streets named Lakeside, Lakeview, Lakebrook, Lakeland, Lakeway, Lakehaven, and Lakepark. Maybe others. I'm not kidding. Only one of them actually went anywhere, and my GPS didn't have a good street-level map. Oh well, it was actually a decent testride of Amy, who I haven't had a chance to ride in almost a year.

Swim later in the day. I got a phone message from coach Jim telling me class had been moved to 6:30pm for the rest of the summer, so I showed up at 6:30 only to discover that the shift isn't happening until next week. I tried to do the entire "easy" side of the workout board in 30 minutes. Only missed by four minutes! 200 3-pulls-and-roll warmup, 4x100 drills, 200 pull, 200 kick, 300 swim, 200 breast, 150 free (this was the end of the easy workout set), then I repeated the 4x100 drill, tried a full 50 of butterfly but was too tired (died at 40), and 100 each of catchup and fist to cool down. 2250 yards total.