2005-06-25 Recovery Run

Run down the Bent Creek greenway to/around Shelley Lake, and back. Walked to/from the Bent Creek greenway, and the first part of the greenway itself. Let's call it 4.5 miles in 40 minutes of running, with 1 mile each way to/from the running section. HR limit of 150 strickly enforced, even walking the uphill to the top of the Shelley Lake dam. I had a few stops on the way. Two stops to stretch, and three to give chin scratches and "oh! aren't you a beautiful doggie!"'s to deserving pooches. Okay, two of the poochie-scratch stops were designed more to see if their mommies were cute enough to flirt with :-). Either way, I'm scoring this as 40 minutes of running.

(For the record, one mommie failed the ring check, and the other was kindda ugly on closer inspection. Oh well.)