2005-06-30 Swim

200 3-pull-and-roll warmup. 200 Backstroke pull. I totally CLONKED my head on first lap. They removed the indicator line at one end of the pool, and I hadn't noticed during my warmup. As I got to my 18th stroke, I thought "whoa! My backstroke has really gone downhill! Usually I see the flags at 16 or 17, and here I am at 18 (well, now 20) and... [CLONK]". Ouch. Next swimmer down was my lanemate Winston, who smacked his hand. Then my other lanemate Bill, who whacked the top of his hand so hard he ended up bailing early. Amazing how much we all depend on that flag line! Anyway... I moved on to 200 back kick, 200 back, 200 breast kick, 200 breast 2kick/pull, 200 breast, 200 kick, 200 pull, 300 swim, 150 cooldown.

I wasn't fast today (lots of kicking and lane traffic), but I felt good in the water. I was doing at least one stroke less per length on each of the three strokes.