2005-07-04 Treadmill run

It was hot in the gym again. Someone tried to break the glass casing around the thermostat, so I'm obviously not the only person noticing the temperature. It has to be over 90 degrees in there! Anyway, I just drank more and tried to grind it out. w/u, then 5.0 miles, all 0.5% grade. 6.0, 6.6, 6.6, 8.0, 6.0 mph, then c/d. HR was 172 or so during the 8.0mph stretch, and I was more or less at my limit, but I didn't feel like I was gonna die (as I had in the past :-)). I think I can probably get myself trained to go 8.0mph with my HR at about 160. That would be neat-o!