2005-07-10 Triangle Tri

Triangle Sprint Triathlon. I was FIRST!!!!!



...rack my bike. (I got to the race site at 5:00AM :-)).

Fairly uneventful race. I got knocked around a bit during the swim. I think I was swimming straight, but nobody around me was. Rather than speed up to get past the slower/curvier swimmers, I slowed down. But this only resulting in an even bigger pummeling. As an added benefit, I couldn't find a draft the entire swim. Oh well.

I did about as well as I hoped on the bike, but unlike the White Lake Sprint earlier this year, I got passed quite a bit. There are some freakishly strong cyclists out there! Still, I put in a good hard effort on the bike, so I can't complain. I averaged something over 20mph, close to 21mph I think. Not too bad for a course that was hillier than I expected.

The run, as expected, sucked. I was holding my own for the first mile or so, but then my stomach got crampy. My HR was totally maxed out, but I simply wasn't moving. The last two miles of the run were at an HR of "(I'm gonna puke) - 5". Total time was 1:21:47 (+/-), and I was 38th of 80something in my age group. Just barely top half, and I strongly suspect the ranking in each leg will fit with previous results (mid pack swim, upper-mid pack bike, bottom pack run.) Must... work... on... run!!!

On the bright side, everyone I knew who did the race did really well. Dianne from swim class won her age group by something like two minutes (in a time of 1:17:??... holy crap she's fast!) Suzanne was at the exact cutoff for the top 1/3rd of her age group (15/45), and some of Suzanne's TnT friends took wins in their age groups. Woohoo! I know some fast people!