2005-07-11 Easy day

Long AM walk to clear my head (needed it... my mental state has been less than positive for the last week or so!). Light stretching throughout the day. My right glute and lower back both hurt from yesterday, as do my knees.

My swim was a bit worse than expected, even when I expected it to be unimpressive. This had to be mental. I could have knocked off perhaps as much as two minutes with the proper attitude and focus. 15:15. 52/84 AG.

T1 was smooth, orderly, and fast. 1:08. 16/84 AG.

My bike, as with the White Lake Sprint earlier this year, was the determining factor in my ranking. I misjudged the distance, holding back a little bit for a final climb that never came. And my last mile was WAY slow, as I was stuck behind traffic. These problems cost me perhaps a minute, but overall I can't complain. 40:28. 34/84 AG.

T2 was also smooth and fast. I skipped socks this time, something I never even practiced. Stupid move, probably, but I wanted to give it a try. I must be living right, because I had no blisters :-). 1:14. 17/84 AG.

My run wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I was limited by my crampy stomach, but still pulled out a 23:55. 55/84 AG. I'm OK with this, I guess.

Total time 1:21:37. 37/84 AG.

Here's a goofy "feel good" stat: My time was one second slower than 3rd place (of 70) Novice Male, and 2:31 away from 2nd. My results clearly do not support the "but I'm still a beginner!" bullshit mental attitude that I've been sporting. I'm gonna start training like I'm a real triathlete now.