2005-07-12 BRP Ride

I was up at 2:00AM today, and had the urge to get something done. Finishing my Blue Ridge Parkway ride sounded like just the ticket. So I loaded up /dev/trk, and drove out to Asheville. By 12:30PM, I had completed a 54 mile (27 out, 27 back) ride starting where I left off last year. I felt nearly bionic on the bike today, but can't explain why. I did a solid job of sipping Carbo-Pro'd water with gel during the ride. I think the fuel helped. I don't have a computer on this bicycle (and who needs one, when you have mileposts every mile?), so I don't know my exact speed. I had my HR sitting around 140 for most of the ride. And while I'm at it, let me add that nothing puts a smile on an otherwise depressed fella's face faster than a 20 mile downhill which includes nine (I think) tunnels. Fun stuff. Even the 20 mile climb to earn the 20 mile downhill was fun.

The logistics for this trip are a bit ugly. I couldn't find any way to avoid doing the entire 80 mile stretch between Ashville and Cherokee in BOTH directions. Shuttling from one end to the other just didn't seem feasible, and camping in the middle is likewise difficult. So I'm going to have to cover the entire section in a series of out/back rides. I probably should have pushed farther today, to ensure that I can finish in two more rides. As it stands, I have 108 (54x2) miles left. I *think* I can do it in two rides. If not, I'll take three. It's not like I *mind* going on bike rides on the BRP :-).

As a final note... how cool is this: I'm writing this while sitting in a subway sub shop, borrowing the wireless network from the Hotel next door. Damn, I love modern technology.