2005-07-13 BRP Ride

56 tough miles. Went over the highest point on the parkway today (6050 feet), but did so in some nasty wind and rain. I was a little bit tired, and my butt was sore from yesterday's ride. But I just sucked it up and pounded out the ride. I've only got 26 parkway miles left, but if I do them as an out/back, it is going to be a really tough ride. I think I would have something like 7000 feet of climbing in the out/back. I might save one climb for the morning after tomorrow, so I'll have one fairly hard day, and one easy day, instead of one brutal day.

Started the ride at 6:15AM today, and didn't finish until 12:30PM. It started pouring at 12:33PM. What timing!

I should add that I am once again writing this while sitting in a Subway Sub Shop (Oh my God, I'm on the Jarred diet!), and borrowing the nearby hotel's internet. This makes me chuckle. I can't explain why.