2005-07-29 Long Run/Walk

Yikes. What a day. Got some news early in the afternoon, and the news left me feeling a mix of 70% happiness, 15% worry, and 15% sadness (but each emotion at a volume level of 120%). Then I got some extra news (this time about my mother), which added to the worry and sadness. I needed a good long run to help me work off the stress.

100 minute run/walk, with mostly a 9/1 split. I think the splits dropped to more like 7/2 by the end, but I felt ok the entire run. I'm going to ice/strech/massage like crazy tonight.

Weight was 161.8 after, the lightest I've ever measured, but at least 4 pounds of that is water loss. Even with the water loss, I'm getting where I want to be with my body. Woohoo!