2005-08-02 Bike

Duke Half IM course, but with some minor modifications. 53 miles total. Average speed 17.6, but would have been over 18 if not for THE STUPIDEST NUTRIONAL PLAN EVER!!! I had a Red Delicous apple for breakfast @ 6:00AM. Then I went for my ride at 8:30AM, carrying only two bottles of Accelerade+CarboPro. I've tried this before, and I never managed to finish on only two bottles. When will I learn? This time they were gone by mile 30, so I refilled both with water. The water was gone by mile 48. And naturally, my legs had no zip left in them after that hearty and filling (NOT) apple was gone.

I've just consumed 32 ounces of water, and the scale says I weigh 159.6 lbs. My crystal ball shows a huge lunch and lots of liquid in my short-term future.