2005-08-10 Trail Run

Didn't feel like running from the apartment today, so I hopped in /dev/trk and went over to Umstead Park for a trail run. I stopped at the running store on the way because I had to buy a new Fuel Belt. I've lost so much weight that my previous FuelBelt won't stay up even when I cinch it as tight as possible.

Had a fan-damn-tastic run on the Sycamore trail. The last time I tried to run on this trail, they were doing a reroute, and I lost the trail as it crossed the bridal trail. Now I know why I was confused... the reroute takes the trail about 0.5 miles east before crossing the bridal trail. The new route is nice, but I can tell they are going to have erosion problems over time. Oh well.

9'/1' run/walk splits, mostly. 70:39 total. The listed trail length is 7.2 miles. Felt really good the entire run. I think I'm finally starting to build a bit of a running base.

Saw two deer and three snakes. The deer were both standing in the dead-center of the trail, and I got a great look at each before they took off.

Not sure if I'm going to do the Duke Half IM next month. I'm going to keep training as much as I enjoy, but if I can't get to a level that is appropriate for a Half IM, I'll bail on it. No sense doing it if it won't be fun. If I'm still in NC, I might consider doing the Pinehurst triathlon in October instead. My perfomance there last year was SO HORRIBLE that I want to get a little bit of revenge :-).