2005-08-16 Swim

Simple workout tonight. 2350 yards. 200 warmup, 100/200/300/400/400/300/200/100, 150 cooldown. Did the first 400 and the second 300 breast, all else free.

Swim practice has been a bit frustrating lately. We are only getting four lanes, but we have been having 15-16 people. Tonight there were four of us in a lane. Myself and Brenda (who is very fast... she swam in high school) were ok, but the other female in the lane was a bit slow, and the fourth person in the lane had ZERO sense of lane-etiquette. I mostly just ignored him, but Brenda was clearly agitated. With all the poor swimmers in class, Jim doesn't have much time to focus on the rest of us. So basically, I'm getting a crowded lane, with no input from Jim. Still, I haven't done a good job with my workouts when I go by myself. Maybe I'll have to join a masters group. I might have outgrown my current workout group.