2005-08-29 Runwalk

Another mix of walking/running around Raleigh. Took a different route down to Shelley Lake (21:02 minute walk, 17:31 run, 10:05 walk), then went mod-hard for the 2.0 miles around the Lake (14:48... 7:24/mile... go me!), then walked all the way home. 1:26:30 total. Right piriformis is mostly better, but this time I'm going to keep stretching and icing every day, hopefully keeping the problem away forever instead of just putting it in hibernation!

I seriously doubt I'm going to do the Duke Half IM (it's in two weeks!). I don't have the fitness I should have, but mostly I just feel like I was training for it for all the wrong reasons. When I signed up for it, I felt like it was what I was supposed to want, not what I really wanted.