2005-08-30 Swim Practice

Felt really weak tonight. My shoulders were tight and I couldn't seem to find any balance in the water. 300 warmup, 4x100 descending, 2x200 kick/kick w/fins, 3x100 descending, 2x200 breast, 4x100 pull descending, 4x25 butterfly (not bad at first, but faded fast), 200 cooldown (mostly drills). 2500 yards.

Can't understand why my shoulders would be sore. Maybe the descending sets were harder than I'm used to? I did the first 4x100 descending at 1:45, 1:40, 1:35, 1:30 per 100, which I really had to work to keep. That must have left the shoulders fried for the remaining sets.

Post-workout meal was a quickly inhaled frozen pizza before heading to the gun club to shoot some trap. Not exactly the world's best recovery meal, but I've got to do something to get my weight stabalized. If I can hold something in the low 160's for a while, I'll allow the weight to drop some more. Until then, I don't want to get below 160. Something about being <160 seems just wrong to me.