2005-09-06 Swim

Strange swim. I felt both strong and lazy at the same time. Coach Phil's workouts are more complicated than Jim's were, so I can't quite remember it all. 300 warmup (all free), 4x200 (free, but can't remember the emphasis), 2x150 kick/kick w/board, 3x100 descending, 2x150 pull, 3x50 sprint, 3x200 descending (did the last 200 in 3:02, which is quite speedy for me!). 50 butterfly, which I actually finished... 7 strokes down, 8 back. 100 cooldown. 2800 yards total.

I was spent at the end. Walk to/from the pool. When I got home I poured a tall glass of wine, and started drinking while I cooked my salmon and brown rice. I was totally drunk by the time my salmon was ready. Dehydration, anyone?