2005-09-12 Walk

When I did my 13.2 mile walk on Saturday, I thought something was wrong with my math... either the distance or the time had to be off. I've always thought about my walking speed as "3.2mph or less", but today I realized that I hadn't timed a mile walk since before my compartment syndrome surgery back in 2003. My 3.2mph walk speed limit was from CS rather than fitness. I timed one the miles on my walk today, and it turns out my new default walk speed in 4.1mph.

Today's walk was exactly 2.0 hours / 8 miles. It was a great day for a walk, and I was in a great mood.

I tried to run at one point, but my entire upper body screamed "Hell no, dude, you aren't running today." Every time I would plant my foot, my abs/pecs/lats/obliques would want to continue down, and I felt like they were trying to rip all the way off my body (see last night's workout).

My bathroom scale showed 10.0% bodyfat (161 pounds) before the walk, 9.5% bodyfat (160 pounds) after. This is the first time the scale has ever read <10% bodyfat. Go me!