2005-09-17 Mountainbike

Beaverdam. I forgot that Beaverdam is pay-to-play on weekends. Luckily I had enough $ on me to make the entrance fee. Determined to get my money's worth, I did every single inch of mountainbike trail in the park. West Loop to the intersection with the South Loop, then the entire South Loop including the "Drop Zone" sideloop, then the rest of the West Loop, the Outer Loop, and the Inner Loop. 2:07:04 total. I was a bit tired at the end because I only had water with me... no calories. The apple I had waiting for me at the truck wasn't exactly what I would call a filling post-workout meal. Luckily I had enough water that I never got dehydrated.

Weight when I got home: 158.5 lbs. ARGH!!!