2005-09-25 Bike Trainer

I hadn't been on my trainer in AGES (I think my last time on the trainer at all was in early July, and my last real workout was in June!) But I had another busy day... up early to go Geocaching with Matt, then JM&C came over to the crib for a while. Eventually it was dark so I had to face either the treadmill or the bike trainer. I didn't feel like running, so I dusted off the bike trainer (literally) and put Debra on for a spin. I watched Ironman New Zealand while riding, so the workout went quick. IMNZ 2005 was a good race to watch.

I was a bit worried that I would have some power loss, but that didn't seem to be the case. 60 minutes, 17.1mph average including the warmup. I got stronger as I went, with the last 10 minutes being well over 18mph. No HRM. I gotta start wearing that thing again, if only to reevaluate my training zones.

I saw on set-upinc.com web site that Ed raced on Saturday. I hope he and Jody enjoyed the race. I'm super-happy that she got to see some road time. She was a great bike to me, and deserves many good miles on the road. She's almost 20 years old now, which in bike years makes her something like 100! Go Jody!

No workout yesterday. Met a dog in the afternoon, then made a nice dinner, had a bit too much wine, watched a movie, and bailed on my planned treadmill run.