2005-10-01 Run

Who said he wasn't going to run for a while? Couldn't have been me ;-).

60 minute (exactly) run. 6.4 miles, all on 1'/9' walk/run splits. Started from my father's crib, set the watch for 10' intervals, went 30 out / 30 back. My father said it was exactly 3.1 miles to the point where I was at 1 minute from my turnaround, so I figure the distance was slightly over 6.4 miles.

Beautiful weather for a run today. 60 degrees, low humidity, perfectly clear skies. There are only a few days like this per year in PA :-), so I didn't want to waste this one.

My job interview yesterday went well... I had a job offer in my email by the time I got back to my father's place. Looks like I'll have a busy next few weeks as I sort out the logistics of the move. I'll work out when I can, but probably won't get back in to a groove until I'm settled in PA.