2005-11-20 Swim

Strange swim. Warmup was 200 free, but then I decided to try some backstroke. I very rarely do backstroke, for the simple reason that I don't enjoy it. Anyway, tonight my backstroke was slammin (by my standards)! My backstroke flipturns were really solid. I was timing my flips just right, and gliding a bit passed the flags after my pushoff. I was holding 1:40/100 without any problem, which is faster than I swim freestyle! WTF? I did that for 500 yards, then stopped when my form started to slip. I didn't want to put bad form into my muscle memory.

Next I switched to breast. Felt pretty good there, too. At one point, I had a really good push off the wall, and an even better first pull. I was inspired by a video I saw earlier today to do a length underwater. Usually I need to prepare for an underwater 25 by taking a huge breath, but this time I was able to do it mid-set. I rested a bit, then tried to make 50 yards, but only made 40 or so... and even that was really tough. How the dude in the video is able to do 166 meters, I will never know. Swimming breaststroke underwater was fairly instructive, so I did 8x25 of them, resting for about 30 seconds between each. I learned a few things about how to time my pull and kick, as well as how to extend my glide after the pull. I'm gonna have to add underwater lengths as a regular part of my routine. I've only ever done them for fun, never fully appreciating their educational value.

Then I did some freestyle drills... 100 each of fist, one-arm (100 each arm) and catchup.

Short workout, but I enjoyed it. Stretch-fest after. Legs are a bit tired from yesterday's run, but I did a long dog walk earlier in the day with Dreyfus and MB/Codi. The walk helped shake my legs out a bit.