2005-12-08 Treadmill Run

Managed a quick treadmill run this morning, while I was waiting for my sister to get out of bed. 40 minutes, 4x1'/9'. Mix of speeds and inclines. Not a good workout at all. Not sure if the cause was it being a morning workout, or that I hadn't had food for 14 hours before the workout, or maybe it was the EIGHT POUNDS I've gained in the last few weeks :-). Every fall my body goes into "must... put... on... fat... for... winter" mode, which is perfectly natural, but this year it has been really bad. When I left NC, I was lighter and leaner than I had been since high school. The transition to cold weather and a tougher food environment (free snacks at work, time pressures, no good fruit suppliers, etc.) have allowed me to fall off the wagon a bit. I had planned to put on 10 pounds during the offseason, but I've effectively used up that entire 10 pound budget aleady. Still, I'm 7 pounds lighter than my targeted RACE weight for 2005, so I can't complain. If I can hold at/below 170 lbs. until the end of january, I should be well set for whatever I decide to do with my 2006 season. I will have a 23 pounds head start on where I was at the start of 2005 :).