2003-03-25 Mountainbike

Finally got Melinda out for a ride in PA! I didn't realize it until just the other day, but I hadn't gone mountainbiking since I lived in NC! JL (husband of CL, with whom I work), E, and I went down to the Tuckahoe Boy Scout Camp and did some of the trails around there. We ended up riding on a trail right next to the Applachian Trail. When the trail hit Whiskey Springs road, we were only a hundred or so feet from the A.T. As with my lunchtime rides, it always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I cross the A.T. [sappy mode ON]When I cross the A.T., I look at my tattoo, think about my thruhike, and generally can't help but feel good about my life :-).[sappy mode OFF]

We also managed to find a Geocache while we were riding. Bonus!

Not quite sure of the total time/distance, as we were looping around a lot and my GPS tracks for the ride came out a bit fractured. Let's call it two hours.

I noticed that I do fairly well on the aerobic sections, but my MTB handling skills are *horrible*. JL has some mad skillz, so I was able to pick up a few tips from him.