2006-03-30 PM Racquetball

Took Debra to work today, then let her sit in the back of /dev/trk all day without riding her. [Sigh]. Planned ride tomorrow though.

Played racquetball at night with GP. He isn't a member at the Y and my guest passes are running low, so we went over to Messiah College instead. He can play there because he is an alum. I was on fire tonight, and GP hadn't played in a few years, so I put a hurtin' on him :-). I was also fueled by some self-induced stress from a) work, and b) a dietary breakdown in the form of a McDonalds trip. Luckily, I managed to work out all my stress during the games (six or seven of them, I think.) I'm not sure I managed to work out all of the McDonalds food though.