2006-04-06 Swim/Run

Took J to work, but didn't get a chance to ride her. Oh well.

Decided to make up for my lack of exercise this week by doing both a swim and run, neither of which I had done in quite some time. The swim started off well enough, but it didn't take long for my form to fall straight to hell. Tex showed up for Masters near the end of my workout. I told him I'll swim with the Masters crew next tuesday. I really need to do that... my swim workouts have been mostly non-existent, but weak even when I manage to get my butt to the pool. Having a good group with which to swim really makes a difference. I know I've mentioned this concept in previous blog entries. I sometimes really miss my Adult Stroke Development class in Raleigh. Coach Jim really helped me a lot, and having other folks doing the same workout was a great motivator.

My run after the swim was just a "welcome back, long time no see" meeting with the treadmill at the apartment complex gym. I took my new videocamera to record my form, and much to my surprise I kind of like what I see on the tape. My form isn't nearly as bad as I expected, but I do see a few things I can work on.

Weight is still at my "winter weight" of 171. With a few notable exceptions (McDonalds! Donut! Five cookies at Subway! Snacks at work!), my diet has been good enough. I simply don't have the workout volume that I need.