2006-04-09 Brick

Worked all afternoon, but wisely brought my bike to work. GP was feeling under the weather, but Tex was down for a ride, so he brought his bike to work and we rode from there.

Worked our way up to Sterrit's Gap via a fairly standard set of roads from lunchtime rides, then down into the next valley, over on 844 (?) to Mountain Rd., back up to Sterrit's Gap, and down the last road, thus covering the entire Quadruple Bypass route, but only uphill in two directions. Then back to work via this road and that (I can't remember the names :-)). Just under two hours, 31 miles, for 15.4 mph average. Not too bad considering the hills, I guess.

Run from work to the Bent Creek / 114 intersection and back after the ride (1.0 miles or so... nothing special, just enough to get that funky brick feeling out of the legs)