2006-04-10 Run

Short treadmill run. Felt kindda crappy the first few minutes, then found a groove. Spent the whole time working on some form issues seen on videotape after my last run.

Entire run was at 9:00/mile, but my HR never went over 140. This is quite pleasing. I looked at a treadmill run from 4/22 last year, in which I noted that my HR was 146 @ 10:00/mile. I was also 8 pounds heavier and 3% higher bodyfat. Go me! I was cycling and swimming more last year, but I think my cycling this year might be slightly higher quality. My swim is a big ???.

I think I'm going to try to get back to 160 lbs, 10% body fat. I haven't set specific triathlon goals, but I'm going to restart my "10 reps at bodyweight bench pressing, 10 pullups" goals, as they have both eluded me in years gone past.