2006-04-13 Masters Swim

Much better swim this time. I can lift my arms now :-). Let's see... 800 WU (2x4x[25 drill / 75 swim), 6x125 free (?), 12x75 (?) breast = (1 & set) / free = !(1 & set), 6 hypoxic 25's, but these took me a while to get down... originally i was breathing 0, leaving on the minute, but that was too easy, so i tried breathing 1 leaving on 30... and that was too hard. leaving on 40 breathing 1 worked well. The was also 100 kick somewhere in there, and maybe another set or two. I gotta pay more attention. Good workout, though. I'm definitely gonna get better if I keep swimming with this group.

Coach noted that my non-breath-side arm is totally straight... gotta work on that.

Massive stomach gas after... not sure if it was the salad I had just before swimming, or bad breathing technique, or both.