2006-04-16 Easter Ride

62 miles, 5400' (over a mile, woohoo!) of climbing. This was intended to be a training ride for a metric century a whole bunch of us are doing in two weeks... but it ended up being a bit of an overtraining ride :).

Called GP to set up a ride, and not more than two minutes later, JL called to see if there was any ride action going down. JL rode over to my place, we both rode over to GP's place, then we headed south for a while, neart Ski Roundtop. JL stopped at mile 30 or so to meet CL (Mrs. JL), who was at her parent's house near our 30 mile marker. GP and I continued by riding north across the valley, then decided to be studs and cross Sterrit's Gap into the next valley. Then we took 850 over to Lamb's Gap to come back into the Cumberland valley. Luckily, Lamb's Gap to Orr's Bridge took me more or less home.

This was a solid ride for me. I was tired at the end, but it was a "good tired". Muscular Endurance was the limiter on this one. I was able to consume plenty of calories and liquid. Doing both Sterrit's Gap and Lamb's Gap late in the ride was one heck of a lot of fun. The South side of Lamb's Gap would be *brutal* on the uphill. It gave me the willies just going *down* that thing.

Stretch, massage, ice bath, "sit on sofa to finish watching film I started last night, while swathing my legs in packs of frozen veggies" after.

Dreyfus is begging for a walk, but I'm having problems getting my butt off the sofa just now :).